Emil A.
Corporate Banking Analyst: London
Business Area Corporate Banking

About Emil

Key Experiences

From Scandinavia to the Financial Hub London
I was a summer analyst in Citi’s office in Oslo (Norway) during my master studies. One year later I joined Citi as a corporate banking analyst in the financial institutions group team in London. During my studies I had several different part-time jobs and internships within different sectors. When I worked as a summer analyst I helped cover clients in different sectors with different needs, and got to experience how it is to work as a corporate banking analyst.

Current Position

I cover Financial Institutions
I work as an analyst in the financial institutions group team in Citi’s corporate banking, where we cover financial institutions including other banks, insurers and asset managers.

Main Motivations

Participating in exciting and varied projects
There are a number of aspects to my job which I enjoy. As an analyst in Corporate Banking you get to work with different clients and their individual needs. Since every client has different needs, the work we do is very stimulating and challenging. From building models which requires analytical skills and reasoning and argumentation when writing memos.

Top Advice

Try to gather as much information as possible
When you are a student it is difficult to know what you want to do before you have tried it. My advice to students would be to gather as much information as possible about the fields you are interested in and talk to people who are working in the sector or types of teams you are interested in. If you have the opportunity, try to get some experience through spring weeks or internships to see for yourself what the work you want to do entails.

Greatest Achievement

The ability to adapt to new environments and requirements posed to me
It is very difficult to point out my greatest achievement. I have only been with the bank for about six months and these first months have been spent in training classes and getting to know how my team works. However, during my first months here I have worked on several very interesting projects where I have learned a lot. I have been part of a team that has provided complex financing solutions to some of the most interesting financial institutions in the world, where I have contributed on the financial models and different memos.

On a more general basis, I would say my ability to adapt to new environments and new expectations posed to me. I have studied in 4 countries and moved to a 5th to work for Citi, and I believe I have been able to adapt to new situations in a good way.


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