Niamh D.
Treasury And Trade Solutions Analyst: Dublin

About Niamh

Key Experiences

From working in the family business to Citi
I grew up in a self-employed family and worked in the family business since I was very young. Being in an environment where work never stops, you develop a strong work ethic, which I applied when I began studying Finance in University College Cork. During my undergraduate degree there I spent 6 months working in a technology company as a Revenue Analyst and after my third year in university applied to the Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) Summer Analyst Programme in Citi. I was delighted to be accepted and after succeeding on the programme was offered a place on the TTS Full-Time Analyst Programme after graduating.

Current Position

I work in Business Management for Treasury and Trade Solutions Europe
I'm currently in my first rotation on the Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) Analyst Programme and working directly with the Head of TTS Europe. My day-to-day tasks involve recording meetings, financial analyses, creating reports on TTS Europe and supporting innovation projects from the aspect of the Citibank Europe Plc Management Office. Ad-hoc projects are always popping up too which keep the job exciting. This role offers great exposure to seniors based in TTS Dublin as well as all over Europe. I'm getting a great view of how TTS works as a whole and have arranged and attended many events with great networking opportunities.

Main Motivations

The improvements I make can help all of TTS Europe
As a result of my role being in business management across all of TTS Europe, the projects I am working on can affect on a lot of people. This can be a positive but also has some downsides as there are lots of people and perspectives that need to be taken into account when implementing a new project. However, when a project is closed out, it can make things easier for a lot of people across the region. This is hugely rewarding.

In terms of my motivation for working in TTS, having come from a self-employed background with both a retail and wholesale side I can see the great need for and benefits of the products offered within Treasury and Trade Solutions.

Top Advice

Internships and rotational programmes are invaluable
I really believe that internships and rotational programmes can give experience like nothing else. The opportunity to get hands on experience in a few different areas at the start of your career, or later, can help you to see what you like to do.

Once you have joined, my advice would be to get to know people and what they do, sooner rather than later. Getting to know people around you and who you work with, including seniors, can make a huge difference to your experience of work and as you learn more about what they do, and it is much easier to see where your role fits in to the bigger picture and how you can help the organisation as a whole.

Greatest Achievement

Bringing the TTS European Country Heads together
Halfway through my first rotation my manager decided to host an offsite in Dublin for the TTS European Country Heads. I was lucky enough to get involved in this event which allowed the TTS European Country Heads to come together to get to know one another, to see the Dublin Citi offices and meet their contacts here, as well as to discuss many ideas and initiatives. Over the two and a half days, the group saw and hosted many presentations and roundtables, many of which kicked off Europe-wide projects which have been creating great efficiencies. The lead-up and hosting of the event was hard work, but lots of fun, and the feedback received was fantastic!


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