Glenda M.
AVP Treasury & Trade Solutions

About Glenda

Key Experiences

I started as an intern in Citi Milan then in Citi Dublin.Now in Dubai!
After I graduated I had the chance to work in Citi Milan for 6 months. Then I moved to Dublin and after 6 months I moved to Citi Dubai as part of the Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) graduate analyst class 2015. It has been a quick but intense start after University. Dubai has given me, so far, the best opportunity in terms of my professional and personal life. I am learning every day how to manage business as usual (BAU) activities, have more exposure in the Financial Institutions (FI) business and more in general in the TTS area. Citi is a great Bank: based on meritocracy, mobility and operates globally!

Current Position

We sell financial products to Financial Institutions (FI Sales EMEA)
In my graduate program I had the c1hance to report to 4 different managers in 2 Citi branches. I in fact moved to London to work in the Trade EMEA Business office in 2017 for my international assignment and I am based in Dubai. It has been quite a challenging but also rewarding year, where I was lucky enough to get awarded 3 times: 1) Best Digital Award MENA shooting stars reward team; 2) MobilePASS Award of Excellence EMEA Recognition recipient; 3) CitiDirect BE Global outstanding contribution Recognition Award.

Also, I submitted a D10X Idea on Biometric Authentication supported by my manager, business head and appreciated by the Innovation Lab in Dublin. Briefly, please see my 3 rotations as follows:

• Final rotation: MENAPT Implementation Team
Support in transforming and executing the Standardization of documents across the cluster aligned with global initiative for new and existing clients; analysis and preparation of financial data for EMEA senior management reviews; Initiator and responsible for a restructuring of our approach to the internal CRM management; Project Management focus (PMO); Implementation of regional and country deals; Client exposure, assistance and coordination with the global organization to meet expectations; Voice of Employee and Customer analysis to improve and embrace new transformation and cultural change in the work environment and client satisfaction.

• 3rd rotation: Trade EMEA Business Office, international assignment
EMEA OSUC portfolio analysis and management review; Coordinator of financials analysis for BREXIT impact on Trade Citi Deutschland entity; RAAC exceptions preparation and execution; Led the EMEA Trade Capability Grid and achieved 100% in the set time; Hedge Requests analysis and distribution; End Of Period Asset management; Regional Seniors business reviews and coordination; Responsible for the Trade Management Committee monthly meeting; Trade EMEA Deal Review (RDR); MCA Coordinator for Trade EMEA; CAP report analysis.

• 2nd rotation: MENAPT Cash Management & Sales Teams
Leading Support in managing daily the TTS business in Iraq; 10 new clients pitched and on-boarded for our COMM. Cards program; 46 clients meetings attended, personally on-board 5 clients in cash management products; awarded as part of the Best Digital Award MENA shooting stars team; creator of TTS MENAPT Collaborate page; leading of the Channels & Services commercialization campaign for MENAPT, 8 Clients events organized. MobilePASS Award of Excellence EMEA Recognition recipient. CitiDirect BE Global outstanding contribution Recognition Award.

• 1st rotation: CEEMEA Financial Institutions (FIs) Sales Team
Pitched and completed 70 CRM deals equal to $7.6MM Revenue; Leading 10 FIs Academy Clients Trainings; KYC records coordinator for regional L4 clients; Responsible for global FATCA W8-W9 alignment; CBOC meetings approval coordination and submission; Voice of Customers 2016 Survey analysis; CEEMEA Coordinator for Global FCB accounts Rationalization; EMEA FIs SIBOS responsible for senior supporting documentation and analysis; Global Bank Conferences coordination; Leading of Citi Central Banks wins & pipelines in MENAPT.

I will work even more tirelessly in 2018 to improve myself both personally and in the workplace. Now that the graduate program has come to an end and I've been promoted to AVP, I am excited to start a new permanent role and contribute in creating value for our clients and for Citi.

Main Motivations

Exposure and Interaction with Client
At Citi I am able to get to know my client better and understand their needs. I also have the opportunity to learn and discover more about the Middle East and North Africa region I am in constant contact with several colleagues based in these markets and I can also use my languages skills (English and French mostly) to communicate with them. I appreciate this opportunity as it allows me to have a wider picture of the entire TTS business.

Top Advice

Never give up! Be kind, motivated and team-work oriented
If this is what you really want to do, do not give up. Being team-work oriented is one of the best features you can offer: you will need it!

Be very motivated, be consistent and humble. Also smiling is important: be positive and share your experience!

Greatest Achievement

I was lucky enough to get awarded 3 times in EMEA and globally
I was lucky enough to get awarded 3 times: 1) Best Digital Award MENA shooting stars reward team; 2) MobilePASS Award of Excellence EMEA Recognition recipient; 3) CitiDirect BE Global outstanding contribution Recognition Award.


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