Lebogang M.
Commercial Card Product Manager

About Lebogang

Key Experiences

From an accountant to a banker
My first "career" move was choosing to study accounting instead of chemistry - it was quite spontaneous. I needed a new challenge and I was offered a scholarship to study in becoming a chartered accountant. Studying accounting was never part of the plan as it goes against a lot of my personality traits; I get bored easily, not big on routine and would say I am a creative. However, I believe it set me up for a great start for a career in the commerce world and beyond.
The second was giving up my permanent role in an accounting firm for a 3 month contract as an implementations assistant at Citi, with the hope of being accepted into the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants graduate program. I was looking for a place where I could be stretched and challenged into continuous growth but exciting at the same time. I was thrilled when I got called in for an interview for the Treasury and Trade Solutions Analyst programme on my first day of work at Citi. This is one of the greatest experiences in my life and it has been amazing. I get to do rotations across the Treasury and Trade Solutions business which not only helps in building a strong understanding of the business, it also develops a lot of your core business and people skills. It has been a big part of my personal growth as a young individual.

Current Position

Rotating across the business as part of the Analyst Programme
The Treasury and Trade Solutions Analyst Programme is a 27 month training course in which the analysts get to rotate across the Treasury and Trade Solutions business; two 9 month rotations, a 6 month international rotation and a 3 month operations based project.

My rotation was in Implementations in South Africa; we handled the project management for cash and electronic banking solutions to corporate and financial institutions customers throughout the mandate to money phases of the implementation. This entailed a lot of client phasing and being the main point of contact for the client during implementation and coordinating the implementation internally amongst different teams in the bank. This gave me a balanced view and understanding between front- end and back-end processes in the cash business.

My second rotation was in the European Funds transfer product in Dublin. This is part of my international rotation. During this rotation I was exposed to overall product management from a global perspective; I provided Analytics support to the product management team, was exposed to the back end processes for financial institutions clearing and cross-border transfer payment solution , profit and loss management, regulatory change projects and key product risk and control function.

My third rotation will be an Analyst in the Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) corporate sales team in South Africa. This will be my final rotation off the Analyst programme. During this rotation I will be in the sales team, offering our trade product suite to corporate clients across SSA. It will entail a lot of client engagement, product development and Market/competitor Analysis.

Main Motivations

The opportunity to work with and learn from seniors and diverse teams
One of the things I learnt about myself is as much as I enjoy learning and evolving, I really enjoy adding value. This programme has allowed me to do both and the opportunity to engage with seniors from all businesses within the bank has been a huge advantage, not only does this push you to grow but to get really good training and a strong networking base.

Top Advice

Anything can be learned when you have the right attitude
When I first started in banking, there were a lot of jargons, acronyms and banking language which was all new; this made it a lot harder to make sense of simple conversations in the beginning, so I carried a notebook around and took notes of anything I didn't understand. I spent time doing a lot of reading and asking questions which helped.
I realised later that the problem was because I expected everything to be really hard and simple concepts seemed a bit hard. I expected everything to be as it would be in a perfect theoretical world; this a tiny problem most graduates struggle with in the beginning but this can be an advantage as it allows you to have a clear view of a lot of things

Greatest Achievement

Being part of the a product development team for Card Acquiring
During my first rotation I got the opportunity to be part of a new product development team for Card Acquiring and on boarded two major clients as the implementations lead.


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