“ How should I prepare for the TTS analyst interview? What should I expect for the graduate program? ”

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to Niamh D. Treasury And Trade Solutions Analyst: Dublin, Treasury And Trade Solutions

Treasury And Trade Solutions Analyst: Dublin, Treasury And Trade Solutions

Hi George. My best advice for the interview is to do your research and get a good understanding of what the TTS business does, on both the Cash and Trade side and why you'd like to work in this area. As well as this to be clear on why you'd like to work for Citi. As for what to expect from the programme, there are four different rotations: two nine month rotations and one three month rotation in your base location and one 6 month rotation in another Citi office within EMEA. If you are successful on the programme you can then graduate to Associate level after the 27 months. Hope this helps!

George P T.

Hi Niamh, Thanks for the advice.

George P T.

Hi Niamh, I just needed one more clarification. My current application status is Business Review. How long does it take to get updated and what mostly can I expect next ?

Treasury And Trade Solutions Analyst: Dublin, Treasury And Trade Solutions

Hi George, somebody in HR should be able to answer this. Valentina Z., would you have this info?

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Hi George, if you have been waiting more than 14 days for an update, please contact campus.queries@citi.com  who will be able to advise you on the status of your application.

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