“ What are your top tips for applications and interviews? ”

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I have just finished my first year studying LLB at the University of Warwick.
Digital Product Manager, Citi

First of all, Warwick's Student Careers service, they really can help you a lot in terms of preparing CV, practicing interview skills etc.

In terms of application - focus on information that is relevant for the position. Highlight your strengths on paper and once you get an interview, give examples supporting your statements.

More importantly, do your research and learn as much about the company and position you are applying for as possible. Talk to somebody who went through the path you are trying to follow - it will change your perspective on the job a lot and give you insights for the interview. Do not be passive when talking to a company's representative. Ask relevant questions - this will additionally prove that you are motivated and interested in the position.

In general, show who you are, prove your motivation and do not overflow the company with data that is inaccurate or irrelevant. HR and managers are going through hundreds of application, be sure that when they look at your application or talk to you, they remember your best qualities.

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I fully agree with Michal's recommendations.

When attending events and interviewing it is really important to ask questions and participate in conversations but not to dominate them. In addition to being well read on the company and position you are applying for, I suggest making sure you are well read on global macroeconomics (e.g. interest rates) and recent topics in the news (e.g. Brexit, US elections).

When writing your CV and cover letter, I recommend to start by thinking about what you feel are the most important skills and qualities to have for the position you are applying to. From there, you can structure your documents to demonstrate how you have developed these skills from your previous experiences.

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Very helpful!

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Very useful piece of information. Thank you!

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Extremely helpful...thanks.

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Great pieces of advice pertaining to the CV. Thank you

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Also,I think as an applicant we should know about the career more in details.

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An asset for constructive CV

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